Modernizing the process of wound healing

Many disciplines of medicine, like radiology and cardiology, have witnessed innumerable positive patient outcomes owing to their speedy adoption of medical technology over the last two decades. However, wound care and all its encompassing variables have yet to witness their share of digitalized benefits. Clinicians in the field require the assistance of more evidence based protocols and certified experts to carry out daily operations smoothly and avoid burnout. Supporting them with the necessary
wound care expertise can result in more consistent care delivery across various care settings and more efficient and comprehensive documentation and measurement procedures. Due to the pandemic, telehealth and remote patient monitoring processes became quite challenging to execute flawlessly; integrating wound care delivery solutions into these mediums has become critical to improving an individual’s quality of life.

Recognizing these drastically growing wound care needs and a lack of accurate and efficient tools for medical service providers, Perceptive Solutions seeks to address these challenges with its integrated wound care solution, WoundZoom Digital Wound Management.

WoundZoom is designed with a clinical focus and leverages best-practice wound care tools to enhance clinical productivity, reduce clinical variability, and reduce risk, ultimately help improve the quality of wound care. The company designed the solution to address the challenges healthcare providers face on a daily basis with current manual wound management processes.

WoundZoom is a HIPAA-compliant integrated solution that streamlines wound management from the patient’s bedside to the back office. WoundZoom Mobile, the point-of-care application, helps eliminate clinical variability by enabling all wound care providers to easily capture accurate wound measurements, images, and compliant assessments right from their smart device. Its structured and intuitive documentation and measurement process streamlines the workflow, reduces variability in wound measurements, and improves team communication.

The application, downloadable through Google Play or the App Store, enables clinicians to introduce modern, clinical rigor to wound care and brings about a frictionless mobile workflow across all care settings. The application leverages advanced AI driven imaging technology to accurately capture a wound’s length, width, depth, volume, and surface area, delivering 95 percent accurate measurements (manual measurements are cited in peer reviewed literature being up to 40 percent inaccurate).

WoundZoom Mobile marks just one among three key components included in the WoundZoom solution. WoundZoom Connect is the second, providing clinicians and administrators real-time access to wound data, care plan documentation, and reporting in an easily accessible, centralized web-based portal. Data captured from WoundZoom Mobile automatically syncs to WoundZoom Connect, where data can be accessed, reviewed, and analyzed in real time, enabling more timely submission of reimbursement claims. WoundZoom Connect also seamlessly integrates with EHRs, providing concerned care providers with immediate access to wound charts, more visibility into the monitoring of high-risk individuals, and helps eliminate duplicate documentation.

The third component of the solution is the WoundZoom Clinical Wound Dashboard, where clinicians gain actionable insights to deliver better wound care for patients and manage care teams more effectively. The Dashboard gives healthcare providers visibility and actionable insight across their entire wound census, while saving healthcare providers substantial time with its automated census level and patient specific reporting—enabling more timely and appropriate care decisions to be made. The Clinical Wound Dashboard helps care teams and hospital administrators better review and adjust care plans and reduce risk.

With such an extensive set of capabilities, Perceptive Solutions is a leader in the wound documentation and imaging market. It goes the extra mile and provides clinicians with offline and online application functionality for wound care in remote areas, utilizes best-practice wound tools, and is designed to be extremely user-friendly. The versatility of WoundZoom continues to impress, paving the way for Perceptive Solutions and medical professionals to modernize the wound care processes on a global scale