Perceptive Solutions Announces the Launch of WoundZoom PRO

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Perceptive Solutions Announces the Launch of the WoundZoom PRO Mobile Application for Wound Care


Perceptive Solutions, Inc., maker of WoundZoom Digital Wound Management Solution, today announces the launch of WoundZoom PRO. An advanced mobile application that gives healthcare providers a more intelligent and efficient way to manage wound care across a variety of care settings. With its non-contact three-dimensional wound measurement technology and intuitive workflow application that can all be accessed on a clinician’s smart device.

“WoundZoom PRO exemplifies cutting-edge sophistication through its innovative AI algorithm, meticulously measuring the intricacies of wound topography to consistently identify and gauge the deepest point. These new advancements provide a streamlined method of action; requiring merely seconds of imaging to deliver unparalleled accuracy and a better patient experience. With a suite of refined features, the application seamlessly transforms any practice into a realm of optimized efficiency at the point of care.” said Mark Lacerte, President of Perceptive Solutions.

“At Perceptive, we cultivate an innovative culture committed to delivering superior solutions for healthcare professionals in wound care. Anchored by our four core user benefits, WoundZoom PRO exemplifies our dedication to excellence.”

WoundZoom PRO is the latest HIPAA-compliant digital wound management application by Perceptive. WoundZoom seamlessly integrates into the provider’s EHR through a cloud-based portal, which produces practice analytics, census reports and detailed patient trending on demand. The WoundZoom system is valued to elevating clinical and business outcomes.

The new solution is available for download on the Apple App Store with application access granted with a user license.

About Perceptive Solutions

Perceptive Solutions modernizes the practice of wound care with technology-enabled systems designed to increase clinical efficiency, improve care quality, and mitigate risk. Integrating smoothly with your EHR, WoundZoom utilizes intuitive diagnostic, AI, to capture accurate 2D and 3D images, automatically prompt and document appropriate actions, and create a continuous, standardized clinical record across shifts, floors, and facilities. For more information, visit

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Perceptive Solutions, Inc. is a privately-owned Software as a Service (SAAS) company with a focus on healthcare. The company’s product portfolio includes point-of-care mobile applications WoundZoom Core®, WoundZoom PRO®, and the cloud-based WoundZoom Connect® clinical portal. Founded in 2012 as WoundZoom, Inc., the company was the first to market with a point-and-click wound measurement camera and assessment tool. The vision is to modernize the practice of wound care with technology-enabled systems designed to increase clinical efficiencies, improve care quality, and mitigate risk.


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