Perceptive Solutions awarded CIO review’s 20 most promising workflow solutions providers

Perceptive Solutions, Inc., maker of WoundZoom Wound Centric EMR and three-dimensional (3D) imaging hardware solutions, today announced being awarded as one of CIO Review’s 20 Most Promising Workflow Solution Providers of 2021.

This annual award recognizes the top twenty companies that are at the forefront of providing workflow solutions and transforming businesses. “We are thrilled to be recognized as a workflow solution provider in a segment of healthcare, wound care, that has lagged behind in terms of digital transformation,” said Mark Lacerte, President of Perceptive Solutions.”Our WoundZoom solution helps healthcare providers deliver more efficient wound care through its intuitive and structured documentation process with seamless EMR integration – a process that has traditionally been done using pen, paper and a paper tape measure.”

Wound care is a complex and growing segment within healthcare, affecting over 8 billion people across the U.S. per year. Manual wound measurements and charting poses challenges to workflow efficiency, particularly as a growing number of post-acute care patients are shifting to home care and nursing teams are increasingly mobile. WoundZoom streamlines nursing teams’ workflow with automated point-of-care wound measurement and standardized documentation that can be captured either online or offline and automatically synced to the EMR to assure the highest workflow efficiency, clinical efficacy and professional vigilance in wound care.

About Perceptive Solutions

Perceptive Solutions modernizes the practice of wound care with technology-enabled systems designed to increase clinical efficiency, improve care quality, and mitigate risk. Integrating smoothly with your EMR, WoundZoom utilizes intuitive diagnostic and AI tools to capture and secure images, automatically prompt and document appropriate actions, and create a continuous, standardized clinical record across shifts, floors and facilities. For more information, visit https://perceptivesol.com.

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