Elevate the Practice of Care with WoundZoom Solutions

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A cloud based clinical portal designed to manage the wound care practice and work in synchronization with your EHR. Connect is the hub for wound care excellence.

WoundZoom Connect keeps you in command of your wound care practice and promotes patient safety through greater diligence.

WoundZoom PRO App

Now with Auto Depth!

A comprehensive digital wound management solution with advanced measurement capabilities and extensive practice analytics that deliver an exceptional user experience.

The WoundZoom PRO system solution provides the technology and tools you need to deliver end-to-end workflow excellence. Intuitive prompts and menus make the assessment and documentation process easier. Automated synchronization with your EHR eliminates any need for double documentation and keeps the organization in the know.

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WoundZoom vs Traditional Approach

The Difference in the Quality of Care is Clear

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WoundZoom CORE App

A powerful yet lighter app solution to manage your practice when convenience is important and basic analytics are all you need

  • Advanced imaging 2D capture
  • Sticker-less imaging
  • Intuitive documentation process
  • Streamlined clinical workflow
  • Patient-level wound healing insight
  • Census-level reporting
  • Offline capabilities
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